Flu Clinic Tuesday October 27th 6-730pm

Our first Flu Clinic will be held on Tuesday Oct 27th from 6-730 for established patients. We run a great clinic every year and get a lot of folks through the office efficiently. This year due to problems with production, the manufacturer has been unable to ship flumist out to anyone who placed orders after September of last year (!). We placed our order for this fall in December but won’t be getting any flumist for the foreseeable future due to these production issues. We have injectible vaccine for all ages, preservative free of course.

Common questions:

The injectible version is not a live virus vaccine so there’s no risk of getting sick from the vaccine or getting anyone else sick either.

The vaccine we give covers 4 strains of influenza.

Unless you have an egg allergy that causes a reaction called anaphylaxis you can get the flu vaccine.

As long as you don’t have a fever of 100.4 or higher you can get the vaccine even if you have a mild cold or other minor illness.

You can get the vaccine while you’re on antibiotics.

You must be 6 months old to get the vaccine.

Hope to see you there!!! Don’t miss this opportunity to get your child vaccinated.