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Need an over the counter medication dosage?

Have a question about your child’s health?

Have a Question? Give us a call.

Phone: (586) 232-5355

During regular business hours, our medical advice line is always available for common questions. Do you want to know the best way to handle an illness at home – or do you want to know if you need to come in? Call (586) 232-5355 and our experts will let you know.

Urgent Question? Call us 24/7.

Phone: (586) 232-5355

If the office is closed and you have a medically urgent question, please call (586) 232-5355 and press 8 to hear the contact number for the provider on call. You will be able to reach the provider on call from the time the office closes until the office reopens.

Non-Urgent Question? Email any time.

Emails are answered between 7am and 10pm every day for non-urgent medical questions. Providers do answer their emails in between patient appointments throughout the day and will answer your email within 2 hours.

The daily email provider answers emails from 7am to 4:30pm. The on-call provider answers email between 4:30pm and 10pm. On the weekends, the on-call provider answers emails between 7am and 10pm. After 10pm or if the matter is truly urgent, call the office and you can get the provider’s phone number to call her directly. If you’re not sure if your matter is urgent, the ‘Have a Question about your Child’s Health’ section is a great resource.

To see who is on call or who the designated email provider is each day, please refer to our calendar below.

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