Cabin Fever Reducers

Are your little ones struggling with cabin fever and keep saying how bored they are? We’ve compiled a list of great local activities to get you out of your winter rut! 

Belle Isle Park

*Recreation Passport ($11 for Michigan vehicles, $5 for Michigan motorcycles) is required for vehicle entry or a $16 daily pass can be purchased. You can also park on the mainland side of the bridge to Belle Isle and walk or bike across for free.

-Belle Isle Conservatory: Discover tropical foliage and a taste of warmer weather! With five rooms to explore including the Tropical house, Palm house, Cactus house, Show house, and the Fernery.  Hours are Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm. Admission and parking are free.

Belle Isle Aquarium is beautiful and fascinating for kids and adults!

-Belle Isle Aquarium: The oldest aquarium in the country is home to all kinds of different fish including those native to the Great Lakes and fish from around the world. The aquarium also contains on the of the largest collections of air breathing fish in the world. Hours are Friday-Sunday 10am-4pm. Admission and Parking are free.

-Belle Isle Nature Center: Learn all about Michigan wildlife including turtles, salamanders, bees, snakes, and deer.  They also have educational service on conservation, water quality and protection, and invasive species at the Nature Center. 


– Heritage Park Nature Center: Snowshoe rentals are available for $10 for the first pair and ½ off the second pair at the Heritage Park Nature Center in Farmington Hills.

– West Bloomfield Parks: Rentals for the Civic Center Trails are available Monday through Friday at the Recreation Activities Center. Snowshoes are $6 per person for a 2 hour rental.

Detroit Institute of Arts

*Residents of Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties receive free admission to the DIA and events

Drawing in the Galleries is one example of the family oriented events offered every week at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

– Check the DIA website at dia.orgfor free family friendly events including Drawing in the Galleries, Gallery Games, Gallery Adventures, and Chess tournaments held Friday through Sundays. 

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

*Free admission every second Sunday of the month

February is Black History Month

-February is Black History Month and the museumhas many special events in store for adults and kids alike! Explore and celebrate African American history and culture. An exhibit on African American hair and fashion is running now through the end of February and beginning March 12 a new exhibit called “The Paradox of Liberty” will be opening examining questions such as how could the author of the Declaration of Independence be a slave owner? Hours are Tuesday-Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 1pm-5pm.

Michigan Science Center

*$14 adult $11 child. 

– Next door to the Museum of African American History is the Michigan Science Center. Open 10am-3pm Tuesday-Friday, 10am-5pm Saturday and noon-5pm Sunday. Explore the STEM Playground and SPARK! Lab special exhibits as well as learning about health and nutrition, space, engineering, and physical science. There are more than 250 hands-on exhibits for you and your kids to delve into!

Sledding, Snow Person and Snow Fort Building in your yard

Always remember to dress appropriately for conditions. Gloves, hats, and warm jackets are a must! Ears, nose, cheeks, fingers, and toes are most at-risk for frostbite so remember to bring kids inside at regular intervals to check for any areas of waxy, white skin that can indicate areas of frostbite. If you identify areas that may be frostbitten, soak them in warm, not hot, water until they turn pink again. Call for medical assistance if any blistering is present or pink color does not return to skin after rewarming.